UPDATE: August 20, 2012. Now QRT with over 5800 QSOs on several bands and some very memorable contacts on 20, 30, 17, 15 and 7 MHZ.

Lots of QSOs including JAs, JT1, UA0, A9, A6, HZ, 4X, 7X, TA, TF, LX, OH0, VK, CX, among others.

WX: Has been raining and warm. Was up at 5 am taking down antennas on a wet roof no less.

Sorry, 160 was not possible this trip. Maybe next year...

THANKS/Merci bien to Patricia, Loranne, Ludmilla and the 2 cats! Mes amities.

And special thanks to eric, kv1J for his constant support and help.

21 August: Now packing for trip to St John's.

73, dx, God Bless all, (RIP) W2GJR and BIG 73 to Don, VE3RM!!!

Mike, fp/ve2xb



Rigs: K3/100 and Yaesu FT-450D for 6m and backup rig.
Amplifier: THP: 550fx
Antennas: 20/17/15/12/10/6m: 1 Hexbeam (K4KIO) 6 bands on 10m/approx. 30 ft aluminum mast. 6m on hex and 2 el yagi.
30m/40 Windom.


73, dx, god bless

Mike, FP/ve2xb